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Stop-Work Orders
A. Upon notice given by the Zoning Administrator or Building Official that any land use is occurring or that any work on a building or structure is being carried out contrary to or in violation of any provision of this chapter, such land use or work shall be immediately stopped. The stop-work order shall be in writing and shall be given in the name of the Zoning Administrator or Building Official. It shall be posted on the property involved and shall be sent by first-class U.S. Mail to the owner of the property involved, as the owner's address is shown in the current Township property tax assessment roll, and may also be sent to any other last-known address of the property owner.

B. Any person who shall continue to work in or about a building or structure or to use land or a building or structure after a stop-work order has been posted at the site and mailed to the property owner shall be in violation of this chapter, including provisions thereof cited in the stop-work order, except such work as the Zoning Administrator or the Building Official may authorize to be performed in order to moderate or end a violation.