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Zoning District Questions
How do I find out the Zoning District for my property?

1. Search for your name, address or parcel number on the "Find Your Zoning" page. 

Tips for searching:
You only need to use a portion of your name or address. Try using only your last name or the number and street name only (i.e. 6878 Belding)
Parcel searches should include the dashes (i.e. 41-11-01-234-567)
2. Click on your property to open a Property Details page. (Note: This page is unique to your parcel and can be bookmarked for future reference.) 
3. The zoning information will be shown under the main property details. If your property is subject to an overlay district, this will also be displayed.
4. You can then expand the Interactive Zoning Details menu to view the district description, dimensional standards and allowable land uses for your property. 


Where do I find the setback requirements for a zoning district?

A table of set back requirements and other district specific regulations can be found on the Dimensional Standards page. You will need to know your zoning district. 

If you do not know your zoning district, see the "Zoning Information" FAQ above for detailed information on how to identify your district.

Land Use Questions
I want to build an out building on my property. What is the maximum square footage I can have? How far from the property lines does it have to be?

Properties zoned RR, Rural Residential are not subject to a maximum square footage or maximum number of out buildings.

Properties in other zoning districts are subject to a maximum of 576 square feet if the parcel is under 30,000 square feet. For parcels over 30,000 square feet in other districts, the maximum is 1200 square feet.

The set backs and additional standards can be found on the Dimensional Standards page. More detailed regulations pertaining to out buildings (also known as accessory structures), can be found here.

Can I have horses on my property, and if so, how many?

On parcels of ten (10) acres or less in the RR Rural Residential District, and with a minimum of two acres, you may have one horse per acre up to 10 horses. Over ten acre properties have no limit on the number of horses.

On parcels in the R-1 Low Density Single Family Dwelling District, the minimum parcel size is two and one half acres (2-1/2) for the keeping of a horse.