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Zoning Permits
Zoning permit required.
A. A building or structure shall not be erected, moved, reconstructed, altered, extended or enlarged, nor shall other structural changes be made in a building or structure, unless a zoning permit authorizing such activity is first issued. All such activity, including excavating for a building or structure, shall be carried out only in accordance with the terms of the zoning permit.
(1) No building permit shall be issued by the Building Official unless a zoning permit for such construction or other work has been issued.
(2) A zoning permit shall also be required for the excavation for, and the erection, moving, reconstruction, altering, extension or enlargement of, a building or a structure that is exempt from issuance of a building permit under the Township Construction Code.
B. Zoning permits are issued by the Zoning Administrator upon the Administrator's determination that all proposed construction, other work or land use would comply with this chapter. A zoning permit may include terms and conditions necessary or useful in assuring compliance with the terms of this chapter.
C. The person proposing any of the construction, other work, or land use activity described in Subsections A and B shall apply for a zoning permit on a form provided by the Township and shall submit the same to the Zoning Administrator.
(1) The application shall describe in detail the proposed construction, other work or other land use activity.
(2) The application shall include a site plan, drawing, or other detailed depiction of the proposed construction, other work, or other land use activity, in the required number of copies, together with such other plans and specifications as the Zoning Administrator may determine necessary for a decision as to compliance with this chapter.
(3) The Zoning Administrator may waive or vary portions of the foregoing requirements that the Administrator determines are not necessary to verify compliance with this chapter.
D. A copy of the zoning permit, as issued by the Zoning Administrator, shall be conspicuously displayed on the building, land, or other applicable premises prior to the commencement of any work and shall be continuously displayed until all work or other authorized activity has been completed.
E. A zoning permit shall be valid and effective only if the excavation, erection, construction, reconstruction, alteration, extension, enlargement, or other work or activity is commenced not later than 90 days after the date of issuance of the permit and is diligently pursued to completion. In the absence of such commencement within such 90 days, or in the absence of diligent progress in the work thereafter, a new application shall be required.
F. A zoning permit shall not be valid or effective unless all exterior aspects of the construction, reconstruction, alteration, erection, extension, or enlargement are completed not later than 18 months after the date of issuance of the zoning permit; provided, however, that in the case of extenuating circumstances preventing such completion within such period of time, the applicant may apply for an extension of time for such completion, and the same may be approved by the Zoning Administrator for a period of time determined by the Administrator by the issuance of an amended zoning permit.

Revocation of zoning permit.
A. The Zoning Administrator may revoke and cancel a zoning permit if the applicant or any person acting for the applicant has failed or neglected to comply with any applicable term or provision of this chapter or any term or provision of the zoning permit, or if the Administrator determines that the applicant has made a material false statement in the application for the permit.
B. Written notice of any such revocation and cancellation shall be sent by first-class U.S. Mail to the applicant or posted at the construction site. Such mailing or posting shall constitute notice to the applicant that the zoning permit has been revoked.
C. The written notice of revocation and cancellation of a zoning permit shall terminate all rights of the applicant arising under the terms of the permit, as of the date of issuance of the notice. As of the date of the notice, the applicant shall cease all construction or other work originally authorized by the permit.

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