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Signs (Special Exceptions, Permits and Applications)
Sign permits and applications.
A. Permits required.
(1) It shall be unlawful for any person to construct, erect, reerect, move, alter, enlarge, or illuminate any sign unless a permit shall have been first obtained from the Zoning Administrator, provided a permit shall not be required with respect to those signs that are specifically excluded from permitting requirements of this article.
(2) A sign that makes use of electricity shall, in addition to a sign permit, require an electrical permit, regardless of size.
(3) For purposes of this section, the alteration of a sign shall mean any change in an existing sign, including changing the sign copy to identify, advertise or promote a different land use. The alteration of a sign shall not, however, include normal maintenance or minor repair of a sign, nor apply to the change of a sign message on reader boards.
B. Permit applications. Applications for sign permits shall be made upon forms provided by the Township for this purpose and shall contain the following information and shall be accompanied by the required application fee:
(1) Name, address and phone number of applicant.
(2) Location of the building, structure, or lot on which the sign is to be attached or erected.
(3) Position of the sign on the building, structure or lot on which the sign is to be attached or erected.
(4) Position of the sign in relation to buildings, structures, signs, property lines, and rights-of-way, existing or proposed, located within 300 feet of the proposed sign.
(5) Zoning district in which the sign is to be located.
(6) Two copies of the sign plans and specifications for method of construction and attachment to the building or in the ground. The sign plans shall include all pertinent data, including maximum and minimum sign heights, face outline and total sign area with method of calculation. When public safety so requires, the specifications shall include the certificate or seal of a registered structural or civil engineer as a condition to the issuance of a permit.
(7) Name and address of the sign installer/erector.
(8) Such other information as the Township may require to show full compliance with this article and other applicable Township ordinances, county ordinances and state laws.
C. Sign maintenance or change of message.
(1) No permit shall be required for ordinary servicing, repainting of existing sign message, or cleaning of a sign. No permit is required for change of message of a sign designed for occasional message change without change of sign structure.
(2) The electrification of a sign, the alteration of the type of illumination, the alteration of the structural components of the sign face and other alterations as determined by the Zoning Administrator shall not qualify as ordinary sign servicing or maintenance and, accordingly, shall require a permit under the terms of this section. The change of a static display face of a sign to a changeable, electronic or other type of display face, in whole or in part, shall require a permit under the terms of this section.
D. Electrification of signs. All signs requiring electrical service shall be reviewed for compliance with the Township's electrical code and the Township's outdoor lighting requirements. The Township approval of the electrical service for a sign shall be noted on or be attached to the sign permit.

E. Issuance of sign permit. The Zoning Administrator shall issue a sign permit if all provisions of this chapter and other applicable Township ordinances are met. A sign authorized by a permit shall be installed or be under construction within six months of the date of issuance of the sign permit or the permit shall expire. A new permit may be issued upon filing of a new application and fee.

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