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Nonconforming Signs and Billboards
Nonconforming signs and billboards
Special exception use to permit limited changes to nonconforming billboards. Notwithstanding the provisions of Subsection D, a nonconforming billboard may be 1) changed to another nonconforming billboard or another nonconforming sign, or 2) altered or revised, but only in accordance with this Subsection E.
(1) Planning Commission approval. The Planning Commission may approve, as a special exception use, the following actions with respect to a nonconforming billboard (but any such approval shall not include approval of changing a static display face of a billboard to an electronic changeable message, digital or trivision display face, in whole or in part):
(a) The conversion of a nonconforming billboard to another nonconforming billboard or another nonconforming sign.
(b) The alteration or revision of the nonconforming billboard.
(2) Application procedure. An applicant shall apply for the special exception use on a form provided by the Township, shall pay the application fee and shall pay any required zoning escrow deposit. With the application, the applicant shall submit an accurate site plan and other written material describing in detail the proposed action(s) with respect to the nonconforming billboard.
(a) The site plan shall comply with the site plan content requirements of § 450-22.06 of this chapter, except that it need not include items or information deemed by the Zoning Administrator to be not necessary for consideration of the application.
(b) The applicant shall include such other information with respect to the requested use as the Zoning Administrator or the Planning Commission may determine necessary or useful in considering the application.
(3) Review of application completeness. The Township Zoning Administrator shall determine whether the application and the other materials are complete. After such determination, the application, the site plan and other materials submitted by the applicant shall be forwarded to the Planning Commission.
(4) Planning Commission consideration. The Planning Commission shall consider the application for the special exception use at a public meeting. A public hearing shall not be required.
(5) Types of billboard alteration Planning Commission may approve. The special exception use may authorize the following:
(a) The change of a nonconforming billboard to another nonconforming billboard, if the resulting billboard would have less sign surface area or would be of lesser height than the existing nonconforming billboard.
(b) The alteration or revision of a nonconforming billboard if the altered or revised billboard would be less distracting to motor vehicle drivers or would otherwise have fewer adverse effects than those of the existing nonconforming billboard, by reason of reduced sign area, reduced sign height, revised configuration, less illumination or other alteration beneficial to the public interest.
(6) Terms and conditions. The special exception use may include terms, conditions and limitations.
(7) Standards for review. In determining whether to approve a requested special exception use, the Planning Commission shall consider the following:
(a) Whether the nonconforming billboard as changed, altered or revised would result in a billboard that would be less distracting to motor vehicle drivers, by reason of reduced size, reduced height, different configuration, less illumination, or by reason of other improvements in the public interest.
(b) Whether the changed, relocated, altered or revised nonconforming billboard would eliminate, reduce or mitigate a vehicle traffic hazard resulting from the existing nonconforming billboard or other adverse effect resulting from the existing billboard.
(c) Whether the resulting nonconforming billboard would otherwise advance the goals and purposes of this chapter.
(8) Zoning Board of Appeals jurisdiction. The Zoning Board of Appeals shall not have jurisdiction to vary, modify, reverse or otherwise consider the approval or disapproval of the special exception use.

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