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Public Concerts, Outdoor - Special Use Permit
Outdoor public concerts; events within publicly or privately owned outdoor recreation uses.
A. All concerts and events shall conform to Chapter 113, Assemblies, Outdoor, of the Code of the Township of Cannon.
B. A special use request shall be subject to approval by the Township Board, after recommendation by the Planning Commission. In its approval of the special land use, the Township Board may depart from the Planning Commission's recommendation. In any approval of the special land use, the Township Board may include other or additional terms and conditions applicable to the use.
C. The special use approval shall be reviewed annually, provided the Township Board may, at its discretion, extend the review period to multiple years. The review shall be conducted in the same manner as the original special use approval, provided a public hearing shall not be required. The review shall evaluate compliance with the general special use standards, all applicable requirements specific to the use, prior conditions of approval and any associated impacts, such as, but not limited to, traffic congestion, noise, litter and citizen complaints. If the Township Board finds that the use has failed to comply with the applicable standards, requirements and conditions, it may revoke the special use approval.
D. Once a special use has been approved, the Township Board may delegate authority to approve some or all individual concerts or events, in accordance with the licensing provisions of Chapter 113: Assemblies, Outdoor. If desired, the approval of any concert or event may be conditioned upon the subsequent submission of an additional or revised site plan or other specific information by the applicant at a later time. If additional plans and/or information are required, the special land use shall specify which body, bodies or individual will be responsible for review and approval of that material.
E. In addition to the information required by Chapter 113: Assemblies, Outdoor, a parking and traffic control plan shall be submitted with each special use application and, if required, shall be provided for individual concerts or events. At a minimum, the parking and traffic control plan shall contain:
(1) A drawing of the site and surrounding area that shows:
(a) All roads abutting the subject site.
(b) All points of ingress/egress.
(c) Points of secondary access, if applicable, for emergency vehicles.
(d) Parking areas and the vehicle parking capacity of each area.
(e) Traffic flow patterns to and from parking areas.
(2) A narrative and/or graphic that specifies:
(a) Average daily and peak-hour traffic volumes on all roads abutting the subject site for the day(s) on which the concert or event will be held.
(b) Current daily and peak-hour capacity of all abutting roads and level of service.
(c) Expected peak hour(s) for traffic movement into and out of the site.
(d) Projected attendance (daily and peak hour) at the concert or event.
(e) Projected traffic (daily and peak hour) for ingress and egress at each driveway/entry point.
(f) Traffic control devices, temporary signage and dust control measures that will be employed.
(g) Number of personnel to be used to direct and control traffic, provide security and facilitate vehicle parking, and the times when such personnel will be used.
(h) An evacuation plan in the event of an emergency.