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Sand and Gravel Removal (less than 5,000 cubic yards) - Special Use Permit
The Planning Commission shall examine the proposed plans in relation to the Township Master Plan, the effects of such use or change upon the area involved, and the effects of proposed ultimate uses on planned and future streets, lots, grades and waterways proposed.

Determination by Planning Commission. Following public hearing, the Planning Commission shall determine the proper disposition of the application. If approved, the special use permit shall be for a specified duration, not exceeding three years, and may be renewed in accordance with Section 17.07.L.6. In making its determination, the Planning Commission will consider the following standards, in addition to the general standards of § 450-17.03: Land use regulations:
(a) The proposed mineral removal is intended to prepare the premises for a permitted primary use within a reasonable period of time.
(b) Not create any very serious adverse consequences or serious environmental impact on adjacent or nearby lands or other lands elsewhere in the Township or the area.
[1] The Planning Commission, in considering whether any such very serious adverse consequences or serious environmental impact would result from the proposed removal operations and activities, shall consider the type of resource involved, the market demand and availability of supply, the presence on the site or in its immediate proximity of any significant natural features that would be affected by the proposed removal operation, and other relevant factors and conditions which determine the relative benefit to the public from the proposed removal operations and activities.
[2] The Planning Commission shall issue a permit only if the proposed removal operations and activities do not, considering the nature and extent of public benefit from the resource removal, result in very serious adverse consequences or serious environmental impact. Safety concerns and additional noise occasioned by the proposed operations, including additional truck traffic; decreased air quality caused by dust and odors from the operations and truck traffic; diminution of nearby property values; decrease in residential or other development in the area; loss of property tax revenues; and other relevant factors, may be considered in determining whether very serious adverse consequences or serious environmental impact would result from the removal operations and activities.
Authorization. Upon approval of the special use permit, the Planning Commission shall inform the Township Board of its action, of the amount of bond required, and of special conditions imposed. Upon receipt of the cash bond, or, in its discretion, upon approval of a corporate surety bond or letter of credit by the Township Board, the Township Board shall direct the Zoning Administrator to issue any necessary zoning permit and an occupancy permit for a one-year period. All approved plans, sureties, recommendations, reports and special conditions shall be filed by the Zoning Administrator for future reference.

Renewal of permit. A special use permit may be renewed for up to three years at a time or for the duration of an accepted surety bond or letter of credit, whichever is lesser, upon a finding by the Planning Commission that all conditions and plans are being complied with and no nuisance has been created by prior operations. Where any new removal or operational area is to be considered, proceedings for such purpose shall be the same as those for an original application.

Revocation of permit. The Planning Commission shall revoke a special use permit where operations do not conform to approved plans or special conditions. All operations shall cease following notification by the Zoning Administrator of such violations, unless such conditions are corrected. Reinstatement of a revoked permit shall require a new application and approval.

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